Choosing a right sized sheet for your hotel bed, can be a difficult situation. If you choose a smaller sheet, the sheet will move on the bed simultaneously which will disturb your guests or if you choose a larger sheet, your laundry expenses will go higher.

To choose the right sheet, you need to add the bed size, to the height of bed, bending size of the sheet under bed, and the shrinkage of the fabric after washing and ironing. These numbers can differ according to your washing and ironing temperature levels. The hotel sheet fabrics can shrink up to %7 from the length and up to %5 from the width. Please make you calculations according to these values.

Please also keep in mind that , ”Mercerised” and ”Percal” fabrics will shrink more than the ”Sateen” fabrics.

To give you an simple example, if your double bed size  is 160*200cm; add 25*2cm Bed Height, 15*2cm Bending Size and about 8-16cm shrinkage size. This will give you a value of 250*300cm.

Please make you hotel sheet size calculations according to these formulas.