Hotel PMS System

Our PMS hotel system is working cloud so that you can use it with any computer or any handheld device. You just type the address of your PMS and you will reach all of your hotel details from your computer. It does not matter you are at office or you are at holiday an another country, if you have internet than you will see what is happening at your hotel.  It is full of user friendly features such as history report of each and every change that’s been done or yield management to increase room revenues. We continuously make improvements and add new features to InnGenius on daily basis. Over the years some of our best ideas have come from our customers and we sincerely welcome all suggestions.

From the initial booking of a reservation up to the guest’s check out, InnGenius will make your operation process quick and easy so that you can concentrate on your guests.



  • PMS System
    – To take reservations, make check-ins and check-outs.
    – Database of your guests. Automatic fills in your old guests database to the system.
  • 2-way Channel Manager
    – Reservations will appear on screen from your connected channels. (You can connect up to 1600 channels)
    – When you change the price of your room from our PMS, it will change on all of your connected channels.
    – When you sell your last room, it will inform all of your connected channels, so that they stop getting reservations for your hotel and you will not be overbook.
  • Housekeeping Screen
    – You can change the status of the room to Clean, Dirty, Repair vs…
  • Yield Management
    – You can set formulas in our PMS system so that the system will automatically will decrease your prices at all your connected channels when the hotel is empty and will increase the prices when the hotel is full or any other combination. You can apply these formulas to each room type.
  • Reservations from your own website
    – We will add a code to your website and you will be able to get reservations from your website.
  • Group Reservations
  • Point of Sales
    – You can add Point of Sales areas like Restaurant, Bar, Gift Shops vs…



You do not need to pay large amount of money while choosing a PMS system for your boutique hotel. There is no set-up fees. You will be only paying monthly bills and that is absolutely all.

Starting from $59 per month. (up to 20 rooms)
+ $3 for each room after 20 rooms

Please contact us, for your 15 day, free trial.

Sample Screen;

Inngenius PMS
Hotel PMS Housekeeping