Wool that is, % 100 natural, biodegradable and renewable, not only provides excellent insulation against hot and cold circumferences but also organizes the humidity in the air, thus providing perfect sleep for the user. Wool products are quite resistant against dirt and stain and can be easily cleaned.

• Wool has the ability to absorb moisture at a rate of 33 percent of its dry weight without giving it a sense of wetness.

• It is washable if stated in the label.

• Wool has strong durability as it hardly wears off, therefore it keeps its shape and appearance all the time.

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Bamboo fibre is an organic fibre obtained from bamboo tree. It absorbs humidity 4 times faster than cotton, and evaporates it quickly. It provides air permeability and partial UV protection. The touch of bamboo is similar to that of silk and cashmere. Bamboo does not need any fertilizers or agrochemicals to be grown. It is %100 natural.

• Due to its natural -Bamboo Kun- content, non-allergenic bamboo has proven in many tests that it protects its antibacterial properties even after being washed many times and does not lead to allergic formations.

• Bamboo is a plant that grows and regenerates very quickly, and leaves no harm to the environment.


Camel hair

Camel feather has a natural and comfortable structure that keeps the body temperature in balance under any changing climate conditions. Camel hair color varies according to various regions (Asian, Middle East-Arabic, African). Its’s colors are tan, light brown, yellow and red.

• It’s high thermostatic property provides insulation, at the same time it is naturally water repellent.
• The camel feathers are not obtained by tagging (as in sheep) or depluming, as it is usually done in the collection of other animal wools, besides they are obtained during the moulting process of camel’s own.

• Camel hair woven fabrics are extremely comfortable and keep warm.



Today, cashmere goats are grown in China, Mongolia, Iran, Tibet and India.. Once a year, in the spring season, feathers of these cashmere goats are collected with a special comb, washed, and quality feathers are seperated specifically.

• A total of about 70 grams of feather can be obtained from a bark as a result of all operations per animal
• It is known that only the royal families could afford to wear cashmere products in the past periods.

• Cashmere pillows and duvets, which are very durable and long- lasting when used properly.


Goose Down

Goose down is one of the highest heath capacity among fibres, goose down keeps the heat more compared to other fillers, protecting body heat at low temperatures and provides a comfortable and easy sleeping environment due to its light and thin structure. Goose down is odourless and dust mite free as it does not contain moisture and fat.

• The fillings of pillows and quilts are made from the jowl and back feathers of goose.
• As the rate of jowl feathers increase, the rate of softness, lightness and heat capacity also increases.

• Back feather which is generally mixed with a certain rate of jowl feather, provides volume and elasticity to the products due to its structure.
• These duvets and pillows promise a great night’s sleep, from luxurious down to machine-washable anti-allergy options



Kapok is a tropical tree, native to South –East Asia And West Africa. The tree grows up 70 m and has therefore often been used as border tree. Branches are covered with thorns. Kapok trees can survive as much as 300 years.

• Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial therefore moths,mites and other microorganism cannot infest the material.
• Naturally Hpyoallergenic, dust mites also dislike kapok because of the waxy subtance in its composition.

• Quick dry.
• Light as a feather kapok is the lihtest natural fiber in existence. • %100 Herbal


Tencel Fibre

The Tencel fiber obtained from the eucalyptus tree (gum tree) is a natural cellulosic fiber. Tencel, which has a breathable structure comes from its nature, can easily transfers moisture and It does not trap perspiration. Even after many washes, tencel keeps its brightness and colour besides it has high colour fastness. Tencel has a high degree of absorbing characteristic.

• Functionality of this Tencel cloth is based on innovative design, layout cellulosic fibers.
• Tencel fabric is highly hydrophilic and able to optimize absorption of moisture with excellent cooling capabilities.

• Naturally cools and suppresses growth of bacteria.
• Specially developed for the production of bedding textiles, especially quilts and pillows.
• Products made of Tencel fabric along with microgel fibers guarantee you an excellent high standard vital sleep.

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